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Advertising campaign for baby boomers. 


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Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign

Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 1
Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 1

Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 1

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Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 2

Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 2

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Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 3

Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 3

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Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 4

Jellycat Baby Boomer Campaign-Facebook Video 4

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Professor: Gauri Misra-Deshpande

Team Members: Huahua Liu(Video Editor, Graphic Designer) 

                            Zelia Zhou(Strategist, Art Director, Photographer, Assistant Video Editor)

Project Overview

Look at brands and products that have missed speaking to the Baby Boomers. They were born between 1946 and 1964. They're currently between 56-74 years old (71.6 million in the U.S.)

Pick a mainstream product and create a campaign specifically for Baby Boomers. The product cannot be changed in any way. It can be positioned differently. 

Define the brand position as your wish. However you need to stay with the brand persona and what the brand stands for. Develop insights based on your research analysis and follow them to define your strategy statement and organizing idea. The campaign can be local or national.

Media Choice

Brand Film, OOH Posters, Social Media Posts

About the Brand Jellycat


Creating original and innovative soft toys in London since 1999, Jellycat continues to combine luxurious fabrics with designs that are sometimes quirky, sometimes cute, but always with a little something different that makes them stand out from the crowd!

Jellycat’s network of stockists has grown considerably since the beginning.

Not long after establishing them in the UK, Jellycat Inc. was set up in Minneapolis in 2001.

In the following years they have been privileged to supply some of the finest retail shops, department stores and boutiques throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and even as far as Australia

Primary Research

Survey&In-Depth Interview

We created a 14 questions survey about stuffed animals to baby boomers’ opinions about stuffed animals.

Distributed on Facebook, text message through our parent’s family and friend’s referral.

Generated 20+ responses.


  • 80% Baby Boomers still have stuffed animals in their house.

  • They see stuffed animals as a memory(Top one), following by a source of comfort and a gift.

  • They preferred to shop local shops to find gifts and they value the quality& safety of the stuffed animals.

  • Jellycat has a low brand awareness.

  • With Boomers, good service trumps a celebrity influencer campaign any day.

  • Baby Boomers value quality - quality of the product, quality of the customer service, and quality of the marketing.

  • They chose products that they would keep for a lifetime.

Product Analysis


  • Stuffed animals hold sentimental value, to remind and recall people of their childhood memory of the interaction between other family members and friends.

  • Stuffed animals build secure base for human development, allow for the emergence of a child’s inherent sense of self – being supported, respected and honored.


  • Older seniors are not able to take care of their live pets due to health issue.

  • Bring fun and play to aging adults without the hassle of giving physical care and emotional breakdown when the pet passed away.


  • For age 0-1o years olds, it’s common to use stuffed animals as a gift.

  • The colors and characters can sparkle children’s imagination.

  • Stuffed animals are easy to access, with a variety of selections.


  • Stuffed animals are soft and cuddly, they provide comfort when someone is sad or lonely.

  • “The transitional object(stuffed animals) may be conceived off in three ways: as typifying a phase in a child's development; as a defense against separation anxiety; and, lastly, as a neutral sphere in which experience is not challenged.”

SWOT Analysis


  • Excellent product quality and material

  • Medium price range, affordable

  • Safe for all ages from 0 to 100 years old

  • Great selections of design and character

  • Complimentary and meaningful book collections

  • Highly-rated customer service


  • Less popularity than generic American brands

  • Limited stock and long restock period

  • Longer shipping time

  • Low presence in local shops


  • Customization to deliver personal message

  • Partnership with more logistic companies to provide faster shipment

  • Create customer relationships by more interactions and social media presence


  • Not the first choice when baby boomers think about gifting

  • Price competitions from domestic and international brands

  • Counterfeit products decrease the sales

Target Audience

Age 56-74(Born between 1946-1964).

Live close with family members or pets.

Used to research base shopping experience and likes to know about the brand.

Value convenience and good customer service while shopping.

Consider emotional attachment while purchasing gift.

Personas&Brand Affiliations

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Consumer Journey
Watch our target audience's consumer journey.
Creative Brief

Stuffed animals aren’t the priority when baby boomers consider purchase. And they don’t think stuffed animals are for their age group. However, stuffed animals are in the possible category that baby boomers buys impulsively.

Jellycat has a low brand awareness in the American market, and it’s not the first choice when baby boomers think about stuffed animals.

Life Cycle

To inform baby boomers about the brand Jellycat, and the wide range of selection not only stuffed animals but also educational book&toy collections as a gifting option.

To deliver the message that stuffed animals aren’t just for kids, they are universal gift for everyone, including baby boomers.

Brand Image

A brand that’s made for kids. It’s cute and adorable, but not for baby boomers.


We want to tell the stories about Jellycat, which is the perfect gift for 0 to 100 years olds. It’s the gift that brings you comfort, recalls memories, become forever companions and get everyone closer together.

Market Research

Baby boomers will not only purchase Jellycat as a gift for their family and friends, but also themselves because Jellycat becomes the comfortable friends of all.


Together with you Forever.


Fun, loving, sentimental, friendly.

Creative Photography