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Dame Products: It's Our Dame Right

Champion diversity and seek gender equality advertising campaign.


2022 Atlanta American Advertising Awards(ADDYS) - Student Silver Winner in Integrated Consumer Campaign


Brand Film

They say women can’t drive. They say women can't leave their emotions to the side. They say women don't need sexual pleasure like men do. We ask why not? 
Women CAN do it all, HAVE it all and FEEL it all. At the tip of their fingers. 
Dame wants to close this pleasure gap that women are 52% less satisfied with their “O moment”. 
Female pleasure is a way to celebrate our body, adore it and embrace sexual wellness.
It's about time we own the Dame feeling. Do the Dame thing — because it’s our Dame right. 

OOH Posters







Professor: Gauri Misra-Deshpande

Team Members: Mary Paisley Belk(Copywriter)

                            Huahua Liu(Video Editor&Animator)

                            Zelia Zhou(Creative Strategist, Art Director&Graphic Designer)

Project Overview

The diversity campaign is to create a brand new campaign that “effortlessly” represents diversity without trying too hard or forcing it.


The ads submitted by women’s sexual-health startup Dame Products to run in New York’s transit system show female-focused sex toys. But they don’t look like anything specific — just smooth, if odd, shapes in shades of green, blue, maroon and light pink. One ad included the words, “Toys, for sex.” Dame says they were rejected by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in December for promoting a “sexually oriented business.”


Sex-positivity is the mainstream. Report shows vibrators, is becoming more acceptable, a significant portion of the society still considers them taboo as these products are still stereotyped as vulgar.


To fight against society’s taboo against sex, and specifically female and non-binary pleasure, to promote self-love and respect for women, queers and transgenders. Dame isn't just about building more sex toys—it's about creating a world where female sexual pleasure is king.

Media Choice

Brand Film, OOH Posters, Stickers, Tweets

About the Brand Dame


In 2013, an MIT-trained mechanical engineer Janet Lieberman and her business partner Alexandra Fine cofound Dame Products, a company that bills itself as "smart women" who make "phenomenal sex toys.” The company aims to get people talking about consensual sex that is pleasurable for women. People with disabilities have said they found this product to be kind of a game-changer for the pain they have in their daily lives."

The women said these wins make the work they're doing all the more fulfilling, because their product is having a tangibly positive impact on the lives of others. "We really do believe that if we make phenomenal sex toys, we can make the world a happier place,” Janet says. On their website, they have a blog named Swell, which is Dame's digital resource for stories about sexual wellness and human intimacy.


The adult vibrator market in North America is witnessing rapid growth. The rise in demand for adult toys from older women and couples is driving sales in this region. Changing cultural values and the rising propensity to experiment with adult toys, will lead to an increase in demand for adult toys during the forecast period. Retailers are creating prominent shelf lines for sexual health and wellness products. The emergence of e-commerce has helped overcome this hurdle to an extent by protecting the anonymity of the buyer.


Self-love and respect are both from mental and physical pleasure. Dame is not the traditional sex toy, it’s a connection that’s closing the pleasure gap between men and women. 

Dame Products engineers for sexual wellness by building welcoming community, designing innovative tools, and bringing life-changing education to your bedroom.

Target Audience


Women and transgender from age 18-70+.
Also, for those partners that respect and love their partner’s needs, and strive to make positive impacts within their relations. 

​Persona:The Dame Girls&Their Brand Affiliations 
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