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About Zelia

Currently Art Director at Ogilvy CA

Why Purple?

        Because my mom loves the color of purple so much so she decided to name her daughter "purple紫“. So when people call me Z(similar pronunciation to purple in Chinese), it make me feel closer and cordial. 


Always look for something new in the advertising world 

        I am extroverted and devoted to radiate positive energy that brings people together. Having empathy at work and building relationships through effective communications are my underestimated gift from a family of educators. Always curious about other people's story and perspective, the combination of being a patient listener and a passionate storyteller enables me to craft the vision creatively and exclusively.

        Also, color coordination is a thing in my world. 

In love with something old in photography and printmaking

        For my introverted fine art soul, I have been practicing printmaking since 2018. When I am in the print shop, the whole world quiets down and I am comfortable having personal time with printmaking. I am always curious about new ways to approach printmaking, but my best mate is old-fashioned etching.

         The idea of woman-owned entrepreneurship started when I was in college. Nothing fulfills me more than everyone around me changed to a profile picture that I have taken for them. Recent years I have been a film enthusiast. I also started my floral crafting business specialized in dried flowers since 2020, to deliver joy and a splash of colors to people's households and to reconcile with myself. 



Art Direction, Creative Ideation, Visual Design,
Branding Development, 
Social Media Management, Digital Marketing,
Content Creation, Photography and More.



Portrait | Event | Lifestyle | Product


Photoshop | Lightroom | Illustrator | InDesign | After Effects | XD


MRI+ | Simmons Research | Nielsen Ratings | Kantar Media Reports | Google Analytics

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