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Georgia Tourism

Graphic design for Georgia Tourism seasonal promotion.


Graphic Design (Internship with Georgia Department of Economic Development)

Supervisor: Sheldon Brevett

Graphic Designer: Zelia Zhou

Project Overview

This graphic design project is for Georgia Tourism’s Instagram T-shirt giveaways promotion in fall 2017 to interact with audiences and increase social media accounts exposures. 


The circular design features iconic landmarks and creatures from the coast to the sky, from the metro city Atlanta to the Northeast Georgia mountains to sum up the gems in the state of Georgia. It represents the Georgian urban scenery and cityscape in an open circle, which refers to a cradle that conceives and inspires the Southern cultures with infinitive and unexpected possibilities.


The other design adopts shape of the state line to enclose a touring visual journey in Georgia. The use of handwritten typography highlights the signature touring cities, intertwining with the local products or recreational activities around them. The typography of Atlanta is in a creative handwriting form, which represents the dynamic diversification and unique blooming cultures in the heart of Georgia.


These two designs embrace the classical Georgian landscapes to resonate with the audiences and deliver the original idea of Georgia On My Mind for the Georgia Tourism.

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