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Zee Chocolate


Chocolate package design for self-promotion.

2022 Atlanta American Advertising Awards(ADDYS) - Student Bronze Winner in Packaging

2022 International Design Awards(IDA) Honorable Mention - Print/Self Promotion

2022 International Design Awards(IDA) Honorable Mention - Print/Packaging


Mock Ups



Packaging Design.

Professor: Gauri Misra-Deshpande

Graphic Designer: Zelia Zhou

Project Overview

Create a series of 3 chocolates to promote ourselves to a potential employer. Development of 60+ thumbnail sketches for possible concepts for the surface graphics of the design of the series. Develop at least 3 different dummy options that would hold the product appropriately. Follow the dieline for the chocolate package of our choice. Construct 1 black and white mockup with design. Construct 1 color mockup with design prior to final execution.


When thinking about Zelia, people always think of friendliness, resilience, helpfulness, empathy and joy! And here she created Zee Chocolate to share her life experience with people around the world.

Zee chocolate is a reflection of Zelia’s creativity ­— a photographer, a self-taught florist and a printmaker. Her name called by the external world and her self identity from the internal side. 

Growing up, she heard people call her name differently: 
“Tsz” in Cantonese, “Zǐ” in Mandarin, and “Zelia” in English. 
They all mean the same word: “purple” in Chinese, also her mom’s favorite color. That’s why she named her daughter purple. 


“The purple cloud comes from the East, good luck is coming.” So purple is not only mom’s favorite color, but also her best wishes for her daughter. 

She developed her passion towards photography when she was in high school, started her printmaking journey in undergraduate, and taught herself floral art during quarantine. She always stays curious for all the things beautiful and woolly.

Type Study


Color Palette

Pantone 9360U

Pantone 942U

Pantone 2655C

Pantone 271C

Art Process

Pantone 272C