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Purple Paper Creative

Personal Branding Design & Hand Made Business Card


Hand Made Business Card


Technique: Graphic Design, Printmaking(Screen print, Letterpress)

Professor: Robert Brown

Designer and Printmaker: Zelia Zhou

Project Overview

Create a personal branding for portfolio. Since I had knowledge in printmaking, I want to combine my skillsets in printmaking and advertising to make the most unique branding that represents Zelia. 

Material: Letter size 110lb white card stock paper. 


HONEYSUCKLE: In traditional Chinese medication, people use honeysuckle to treat many different ailments. Honeysuckle is a cooling herb that removes toxins and gives you positive feelings of nostalgia and comfort. "Honeysuckle encourages positive potential to live in the moment and not be tied down. The past makes us who we are; however, the ability to move forward without regret in life is not always easy. Look back, learn from the past, and leave regrets."

PURPLE: It's one of the characters in my Chinese name, which means “The purple loud comes from the East propitious omen is approaching”. Mom names me purple to wish me good fortune for the lifetime. 


1. Illustrated logo in Procreate and digitalized in illustrator. 

2. Designed layouts for information side.

3. Printed out negatives on transparent film.

4. Made photo-polymer plate with UV light. (Failed 3 times)

5. Mixed screen print colors for background colors.

6. Screen print lilac + lavender purple colors on double side.

7. Mixed colors for information page letterpress. 

8. Letterpress printed information page. 

9. Centered aligned the back of information page to logo page.

10. Made screen for logo. 

11. Screen printed glue on logo page.

12. Heat transferred gold foil to logo. 

13. Measured business card sizes. 

14. Hand cut to business card sizes. 

15. Voila! 



Final Design

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