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Floral Arts

In the time of uncertainty and we all live in the isle of social separation in 2020, learning how to get along with myself becomes the essential issue. I never knew how to live without interaction with friends and family, but I have to.

“Reconciliation with yourself is a kind of tenderness.”


All started with the first bunch of fresh cut peonies from the grocery store, but it upset me becuase of the short term delight turned into some fragile broken petals in a week.

I wonder, why can’t I let them bloom forever? Why the happiness sneaks away as time goes by? There gotta be some ways. And here it goes my flower drying journey, to continue my paused photography business Purple Paper Creative.


From the fragile peony, to a second life of eternity. And it’s the time to reconciliate with myself. 

Instagram: Purplepaper.floral

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