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Nonstop Passion For Art.

      There are a lot of fine art elements in my advertising designs and I love to push the boundaries between traditional and modern media channels to test unexpected juxtaposition. 

      The art pieces are those subtle moments that I express my emotions and sense of aesthetic. I believe that empathy creates bonds that enable us to be emotionally in sync with others, especially through art. I credit my family—a family of professors—for fine-tuning the artistic gift. I remember my grandpa often asked me stimulating questions to expand my imagination as a child. Questions such as: how the colors of koi fish create harmony and contrast in the pond; how the moon phases compare to the shape of a canoe and the color gradient patterns of a jade plate; how animals express their emotions through gestures; etc. I’ve learned to see the similarities in subjects and make connections between seemly unrelated objects to produce unprediectable results. 

       Welcome you to the zone, a moment where I immerse myself inside of the art, floating away on a vibe of artistic influence. 






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