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Sprouts Farmers


Integrated Headline-Driven Campaign.

Creative Strategies (SCAD M.A. Student Project)

Professor: Gauri Misra-Deshpande

Team Member: Andrew Munoz(Graphic Designer, Copywriter)

                           Zelia Zhou(Creative Strategist, Art Director)


Project Overview

Learn about Target Audience Profile Research and headline-driven campaigns.

The use of metaphor&observational headlines in ads.

Develop the skills that are prerequisites for successful concepting: researching the product, understanding the consumer, analyzing the marketplace and defining creative strategies. 

Media Choice

OOH, Print

Media Choice

Brand Film, OOH Posters, Social Media Posts


OOH Posters


Print Ad




While the boost in grocery sales due to COVID-19 may not last forever, consumers’ eating habits are moving toward fresher, healthier, and more natural foods over the long term. During the pandemic, Sprouts landed a new branding to increase sales in e-commerce site, provide curbside and delivery service from orders made through its app and website. Sprouts used the pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate its plan to attract younger audience with a healthy living style. 

Life Cycle

To elevate Sprout’s profile in the market from a retailer known for lower pricing on fresh foods to one that is recognized for better quality and distinction of those items. 
To tell the stories behind the reality of the products in store in terms of differentiation and fresh produce offer.

Market Research

Sprouts summarizes its strategy as providing “healthy living for less” and creates an atmosphere that appeals to health-conscious customers looking for fresh, natural food.


Sprouts has an already well-developed categories of vitamins, produce — particularly organic — and frozen, the latter of which stands out for its appeal to different dietary tribes.


Sprouts uses a hybrid sourcing model that allows it to enjoy the cost benefits of scale while also delivering locally-sourced produce. It buys the bulk of its produce in large quantities from traditional outlets while sourcing specialty produce items locally. Sprouts’ smaller, more focused store models enable it to offer certain specialty items at quantities too small for more conventional grocers and deliver a uniquely fresh and local experience for shoppers.


Sprouts Famers Market is not only providing the most affordable price for organic and fresh produce, but also building around differentiations in elevated quality of the natural-focused products, where all the them in Sprouts have their stories.

Tone&Brand Image

Friendly, confident, trust-worthy, lively and kind, like the good neighbor.

A grocery retailer where sells healthy, organic fresh foods and vitamins in a reasonable price. 
“Healthy living for less.” Old tagline. 

Target Audience


According to Mosaic USA Handbook of 2020, the type G Young City Solos are a group of younger and middle-aged singles living active and energetic lifestyles in metropolitan areas. Their head of household ages are 25-30 years old. Their typical marital status single, without kids or being a single parent. They are downtown commuters who rent the space in an apartment or condo. The average household income distributes from $50000-$74999. They are the group with a higher educational background with a bachelor or graduate degree. The young city solos pursue an active lifestyles, where the gym and outdoor places are their favorites. They care about the environments and stay active for environmental changes. They're leans toward liberal politically. The young city solos are the “journeymen” when it comes to technology adoption, who pays attention to the technological innovations. They are heavy social media and mobile users, who also spend time watching TV. Young city solos are the growing power in the city, who prefer a healthier lifestyle and seek for innovative changes. 

Persona&Brand Affiliations

$70000 HHI
$2000 Monthly Home Rental

Sabrina, 30

Sabrina graduated from University of South California in 2012 with a bachelor degree in data analytics. Sabrina works at a supply chain company as a senior business data analyst for 4 years after she graduated.
She moved to Seattle 2 years ago for work relocation, renting an apartment. 


The new apartment is not far from her company, she commutes with the public transit around the city. 
Sabrina works 9-5 on weekdays, and she will spend one hour exercise in the gym three times a week after work. She also loves outdoor activities therefore she hikes with her friends twice a month at weekends. During her leisure time, she loves to run with her lab dog Leo around the park. 


She recently starts a full body detox diet, which requires organic and fresh produce as her main diet routine. She’s looking for a grocery store with natural and healthy food and an affordable price that’s near her apartment. Sabrina cares about the environment and aims to produce less carbon footprints while making a purchase. Therefore she’s looking into buying more locally sourced groceries. 


$40000 HHI
$1000 Monthly Home Rental

Avery, 25

Avery graduated from Maryland College of Art and Design, he’s working as graphic designer in Charlotte, North Carolina currently. 
He rents an apartment near his company, so he rides the bike or walk to work everyday.


Avery maintains an active lifestyle that includes commuting to work and exercising outdoors. His workout routine requires him to eat healthy and organic food, but he’s also looking for a cheaper grocery stores other than whole foods. 

He cares about his community and stays socially engaged on environmental and political fronts. He loves to watch political news on TV after work, and browse Twitter for daily news.
An avid user of new tech, Avery depends on several applications to monitor his health, make appointments, order groceries, and listen to podcasts. His tastes in music as well as food are eclectic and diverse, and he loves exploring new trends. 


He’s now single but he loves to know more people using dating apps. Avery gravitates to brands that feel genuine and that engage on a philanthropic level, while also staying within his busy everyday budget. He’s a consumer with conscience. 

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