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Protect This Kid

Social Impact Campaign for the LGBTQ Community.



2024 Cannes Lions: Creator & Influencer Marketing - Creator, Influencer and Celebrity Partnerships Shortlist


Brand Film: Protect This Kid



Cannes Board & Case Study



New York Time Square


Los Angeles The Grove

With R.K. Russell

With Sherry Cola

Los Angeles The Grove

New York Ferry


Social & Microsite


Process & Behind The Scene

Client: GLAAD

Agency: Ogilvy

Protect This Kid Campaign is my first ever 360 campaign live in the world. Working with the senior copywriter Hannah Daniel from the beginning of the creative briefing in March 2023, our team grew along time and launched this meaningful campaign after a year. 

My role for this campaign is Art Director and Photographer, I designed the branding system including logo, color schemes, typography, and develop design guidelines for imagery treatment, social posts and gif animations. I also worked with the team on ideations, scripts, influencer outreach, social media management and website design etc. Working as the still photographer at the shoot was my favorite part! Being able to see everything first hand and captured moments for the production was meaningful to me. 

Hope the LGBTQ community receive this message full of love, respect and understanding. 


In the US, people who oppose anti-LGBTQ rights are falsely claiming that LGBTQ people are groomers and pedophiles who pose a threat to children. This fake narrative has one main message – protect our kids. 
Protecting kids is an easy idea to get people behind, and the wrong association of the LGBTQ community as a dangerous influence is scaring parents and leading them to believe their kids are in danger. All this misinformation quickly spreads on forums and social channels deceiving parents of the truth.
Coinciding with this effort, the United States has seen a rise in violence against the LGBTQ comunity and the passage of harmful legislation.
Infiltrate the hateful narrative by humanizing the LGBTQ community and inspiring empathy in the minds of parents and people who are susceptible to this hateful rhetoric.
Create a positive dialogue about the LGBTQ community that counteracts and replaces the “groomer” narrative.


Lisa Bright - Chief Creative Officer
Doug Menezes - Executive Creative Director 
Abigail Todd - Senior Art Director
Hannah Daniel - Senior Copywriter
Zelia Zhou - Art Director + Photographer

Carolyn Tubekis - Art Director
Seng Rimpakone  - Group Executive Producer
Mary Cheney - Executive Producer
Dan La Russo - Group Managing Director
Efren Gonzalez - Executive Director
Rachel Quimby - Account Supervisor
Ashley Sakwa - Account Executive
Jared Gruner - Head of Strategy
Ben Greengrass - Senior Strategist, Social
Millie Tunnel - Senior Strategist
Jennifer Winberg - Senior Director, Social
Kate Brooks - SVP, Public Relations
Kappie Kopp - SVP, Creative Communications
Rachel Manke - Vice President, Public Relations
Roberto Munoz - Account Director, Public Relations
Gary Huang - Associate Director, Social Strategy
Gloria Patterson - Associate Director, Social Strategy
Tyler Bowman - Senior Social Strategist
Luisa Touassa - Director, Social Strategy
Rolando Garza - Senior Strategist, Influencer

Behind the scene and stills taken by me

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